Team Building PhiladelphiaBenefits- Art Museum Treasure Hunt

Team Building
Add Energy to the Mix
Communication Skills
Roles and Responsibilities
Time Management   

This program is our very popular  Art MuseumTreasure Hunt Team Building Program. For more Treasure Hunts click here:  Treasure Hunts

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is among the largest, most important, and most unique in the United States.  Some of the highlights included in your treasure hunt are features such as:
  • A Hindu Temple
  • A Japanese ceremonial teahouse
  • A Chinese palace hall
  • A 13th-century French cloister
  • A suite of 18th-century French “Chateaux” interiors
Hunt Procedure: The group is divided into teams.  Each team receives a detailed map of the designated hunt area and a set of clues to solve. They are then “set loose” in the museum. Teams typically see and experience things they have never seen before.  They return energized and excited with their answers in hand. You can arrange with the Art Museum to begin and end your event either in a meeting space. Or you may start and end your event in their restaurant’s private dinning room.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 8 – 200 (divided into teams of 5-10)
Program Length: 4 hours approximately
Location: It is best to begin and end the hunt in a private space.

This can entail either the rental of a meeting space from the Art Museum.  Or the use of their private dinning room, which is luxurious experience.