Team Building Activity in AtlantaHere is an article we wrote about team building by Limousine in Atlanta:

Looking for a corporate team building activity with a touch of class and a dose of high-speed adventure? Then a treasure hunt in a stretched limousine is what you’re after. This corporate team building adventure promises you a heart pumping, interactive ride as you race through the streets of Atlanta. In a nutshell, the basic package includes a chauffeur-driven limousine, digital cameras, and a scavenger hunt list. Basically, it includes the elements of a typical scavenger hunt: clues, puzzles, maps, lists, passwords.

However, this is not your typical average treasure hunt. There’s a time limit, and since you’re in a limo, this team building activity is designed to cover a lot of ground – literally. Team members not only have to strategize and figure out the most efficient route but they have to be decisive as well, as the clock will be ticking fast. They will also need to bring their heads together in choosing which items to prioritize. Should they go after the small point but easy to do task, or the big point but difficult one?

Since you’ll be directing your chauffeur through your own desired route, team members will have to take into consideration a number of variables. Traffic flow is one of them. The activity is not simply programmed to give you a constant adrenaline rush, as you can also sit back and enjoy the luxurious ride in between tasks; all in the cozy enclosure of your limo. You can expect to be driven through historical spots, landmarks or chic hotels, bars and restaurants on your way to picking up items on your list, solving puzzles or going to the next required spot on the map. The hunts can be customized to fit your organization or your own objectives. The ride can be through plush establishments or through eco-friendly sceneries as parks and zoos or through more culturally inclined landmarks such as museums.

For those who are not familiar with the Atlanta terrain, here are some notable locations: For indoor spots, there is the Georgia Aquarium, Underground Atlanta, SciTech, and The Atlanta Museum of Fine Arts. Outdoors, there’s Stone Mountain Park, Six Flags Over Atlanta, Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Unicoi State Park. Stopping by significant spots, you can click away and collect photos as you capture the moment when you find a required item or simply complete a required task. When the day is done, you can keep the photos as a treasure to remind you of that once-in-a-lifetime fun-filled treasure hunt. This stylish corporate team building activity is a favorite of big companies who recognize the moral boosting benefit that it offers. Most organizations that have booked this hilarious team building activity did it to celebrate achieved successes, a team bonding experience, as a kick offs to training sessions, or sales conferences.