Team Building Activities: Chili Cook Off in NYCThe Chili Cookoff  Team Building Program

The Chili Cookoff is one of our very popular Team Cooking Programs


This heated competition will get your team energized and unified as they all work in harmony toward one goal –– creation of a brand new gourmet food company and its banner product “Chili”!

This is a multi-layered challenge where teams will be competing in a variety of fun-filled business-oriented “chili” activities. Teams will be collaborating to earn points as well as competing to make the best darn chili around! And in the end everyone benefits as they dine on a wonderful buffet and some truly amazingly Chili


The group is divided into teams. Some team members will be Chili Cooks, creating the perfect award-winning recipe and working with unique ingredients. Others will be creating the company’s identity, inventing a world-famous backstory (every chili has a story) and undertaking hilarious marketing challenges.

The Chefs will be given the basic ingredients needed to make an “average” tasting pot of chili. But, never fear, more ingredients can be “won” either through an exciting chili auction, or bartering and trading with other teams. Running 3 to 4 hours in length the competition ends when a select judge (or team of judges) tastes the masterpieces and crowns the champions. Then “dinner is served”. The spotlight of course, Chili….and outstanding teamwork!

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 15 – 100 (divided into teams of 5-10)
Program Length: 3 hours approximately
Location: This event can be done in conjunction with any meetings you are holding. It can be done in the ballroom or meeting space of your choice. It requires the cooperation of your selected venue.