Team Building ProgramTime to get that sweet tooth into action! Discover a delicious way of doing corporate team building through a fun yet loaded business challenge that’s sure to get those marketing strategies, creative juices, and well, taste buds going into overtime.

Like all other team building activities, this program is not an all-fun (or eat for that matter)-and-no-work session, because even while delving into loads of chocolate, the participants should still keep in mind that ultimate goal: to come up with a chocolate product to beat all chocolates – and with “healing” powers to boot!

In the course of the Chocolate Therapy team building activity, the participants will have to go through the whole business process, and even if they do already have the general concept of the end product, the design, formulation, production, packaging and promotion would still be their ideas. The team members will certainly be able to use their various skills and experience to good use in this activity, while developing camaraderie and respect amongst them. The whole process for this particular corporate team building activity is fairly straightforward.

A large group of say 10-200 persons, is divided into smaller teams of about 5-10 members, and in a kind of “chocolate treasure hunt”, the teams are assigned to a distinct chocolate flavor which they would need to find amidst a sea of other equally delicious and unique samples. Sounds delectably easy, huh? Now on to the more challenging part: each of the teams will then have to create a new chocolate “cure” using not just their individual chocolate flavors but also some significant clinical data, a sense of humor and adventure, and a whole lot of ingenuity and creativity. A one minute-commercial showcasing the end product, written and performed by the team members themselves, fittingly ends the program.

In this fun-filled, corporate team building activity, participants will be able to reap benefits not normally addressed as innovatively in the regular work session; among them improved communication and presentation skills, team unity and coordination, resourceful problem solving, and the ability to adapt to individual behaviors for optimal team performance. The relaxed and highly creative atmosphere doesn’t hurt one bit, and only adds to the positive energy shared.

Corporate team building through chocolate therapy is one of the more unique and entertaining team building activities to emerge these days when company events are getting more vibrant and dynamic in approach. It was originally initiated with a pharmaceutical company in mind but has now become popular choice with other companies of any size and industry as well.

The session is quite flexible and may last for at least 2 hours, maybe a little more, depending on the additional activities or criteria. Venue can be anywhere indoors from a conference room, a sizeable meeting area, or even a private dining area in a restaurant. Sure to elicit a host of inspired ideas, not a few friendships, some comical acts, and more importantly, a whole lot of laughs, Chocolate Therapy Team Building is definitely not your everyday team building experience.