Team building in New York City has never been so tasty! If your team is in New York you can take it up a notch and try an exciting new team building program called “Chocolate Therapy.” It will alter the way you look at chocolates, as well as your perception of what you might think is a typical team building activity. More then that, team building in New York City using the Chocolate Therapy program is an “appetizing” way of undergoing your corporate training objectives. A fun yet challenging business exercise it is sure to put your team’s creativity, communication, and yes, sweet tooth, into action. This innovative program is just the right mix of fun and learning designed to promote team unity and cooperation, build trust, and breaks down communication barriers.

Keep in mind that while chocolate tasting is a part of the Chocolate Therapy team building program; this is definitely not an “all fun and no work” session. The program’s mission is to have teams market a new chocolate product, complete from packaging to promotional ads, thus turning your team into New York City “Mad Men”- i.e. Madison Avenue Ad Men – for a day. Teams work through an entire business process: the design, formulation, production, packaging and promotion of their new product line based on the healing properties of chocolate. They also showcase their unique skills and talents which builds camaraderie and mutual respect.

After teams are done their team building session maybe you can take some time to explore the “Chocolate Scene” in NYC and take yourself on a Food Tour of New York City – Chocolate Style.When one thinks about New York City food, you might think of street vendor hotdogs to creamy cheesecake to chewy, fresh bagels or pizza or … chocolate! New York is a haven for the best and most unique chocolates in the world. From the Upper East Side to the boutiques stores of Soho you can sample some of the world’s best chocolate, from the finest traditional chocolate treats to the new age chocolate mixtures of recent years.

A few of the places to indulge yourselves are the decedent luxury of New York City’s branch of Masion du Chocolate, long worshipped as one of the premier Paris chocolatiers. Or you could snack in the Café in Saks which sells Charbonnel et Walker, a line of chocolates established in 1875, created by the chocolatier to Her Majesty, and now sold on the 8th Floor of the classic Midtown department store. And be sure not to miss the tiny store, Debauve & Gallais, which sells the most expensive chocolate in the world, created in 1800 by the Official chocolatier of Louis XVII and Charles X. From the street food to haute cuisine, New York City definitely has a lot to offer to food lovers. Whether it’s to reward performing employees, or simply to take time off from the rat race, maybe its time to you too take a taste of the unique team building in NYC through Chocolate Therapy.