Team Building Chocolate Therapy Events in WashingtonTeam Building with Chocolate!

What people are saying…

“It went very, very well. It was great for the attendees to have some fun, & stress relief as well as having them think outside the box to hone their competitive edge.”– Vanessa, Ot

Unleash your taste buds as you invent a new chocolate “Cure” sure to transform the modern world! This fun-filled and delicious program will energize your team as they unite to discover new healing possibilities in chocolate while utilizing key business processes.

Make no mistake; this is not simply a chocolate tasting! This is a multi-layered challenge where teams will be faced with a variety of business and marketing-based tasks – all of them heading toward the ultimate goal — a meltingly marvelous product that will revolutionize the way we view chocolate!

This activity simulates a complete business process from initial concept through design, production, marketing and promotion. It is done in a light-hearted and highly creative environment requiring cooperation, collaboration, business acumen and artistry—–and several pounds of chocolate!


The group is divided into teams. In a kind of chocolate treasure hunt teams are secretly assigned a unique flavor of chocolate and must find their chocolate amidst a sea of highly imaginative (not to mention delicious) samples.

Then, using their secret flavor, relevant clinical data, ingenuity and their sense of humor teams must create and market a new chocolate remedy.

The program ends with each team writing and performing a one-minute commercial for the other teams to view.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 10 – 70 (divided into teams of 5-10)
Program Length: 1 – 2 hours approximately
Location: This program is extremely flexible and can be done in virtually any conference room, meeting space or private restaurant dinning room.