Team Building Murder Mystery Programs in NYCTeam Building Benefits

Team Spirit
Communication Skills 
Effective Listening
Valuing Team Strength  

This is one of our very popular Murder Mystery Programs. This entertaining, customized show is not a team-building murder mystery; it’s actually a murder mystery about your company. Only you can solve it, and only by working in teams.

In The Company Of Killers: Great Team Building Is No Mystery

As dinner is about to begin, a messenger enters bearing messages for several of your guests. Suddenly shots ring out, and the messenger falls dead! Soon an Inspector arrives and the investigation begins. The Inspector publicly questions several members of your company as to their possible involvement in this crime. He also interrogates the recipients of the messages to find out what each envelope contained. Were the bullets really meant for them? Finally, the Inspector questions several suspicious looking persons who are not members of your company but who knew the deceased (our actors and the musician).

Each table works as a team in trying to solve the case. In the midst of all this comedy, several key clues are brought to light. Teams need to pay close attention while they are laughing at the suspects and themselves, or they may miss the information they need to catch the killer. Once all questioning has been completed, each team completes an Arrest Warrant declaring who they believe committed the crime and why. A winning team is announced, and the murderer brought to justice.

This mystery is custom-scripted for your company, so we need your help in developing the plot. A three-page questionnaire completed by someone at your company gives us all the ammunition we need.

The Sopraninnis: Murder In ‘The Family’! Tony Sopraninni cordially invites you to a hilarious evening of mobster mayhem. Tony’s personal troubles have led him to therapist, Wendy Waycalm, who has brought the clan together for a group session. All of Tony’s wacky relatives will be there, his criminal father, Luigi, his trollop sister Scungili, and his put-upon wife Primavera, as well as his loser wise guy friend, Lorenzo. Will Wendy ease the family tensions that could lead to — MURDER?

Peggy Sue Got Murdered: A Homecoming To Die For! It’s a 1950’s home-coming homicide. Was it the high school nerd who killed her, the greaser or the football captain? The killer must be found before he or she can strike again. This is one of our most popular shows.

Soap Suds Of Death: Daytime Drama and Murder! Be swept away to the Tenth Annual “Meanie” Awards, created to honor Soap Opera villains. You’ll meet a group of bad guys and girls from down-on-his-luck Emcee Stud Silver to vicious Vanna Victoria. Also nominated are busty Crystal Light, Drew Rudely, Mike Hunk, and seven-time loser Suzanne Latchon. Will this group stop at nothing as they compete for the coveted prize? Even—murder? This comedy is a parody of those endless award shows and a tribute to those people you love to hate, the kings and queens of the Soaps.

Liquidation At The Fed Bring your financial advisor with you to the Stockholders meeting of Gigantic Savings Corporation where size really does matter! Chairman of the Board, Philip Fiduciary, is there to announce an exciting merger with Cissibank. His daughter, Carole, a financial planner herself, is with her up-to-no-good fiance, Thompson Wellington the 3rd. Also on hand are: Philip’s gal Friday (and every other day), Chetland Pona; efficiency expert Godfrey Grubstake; and Gigantic’s wealthiest client, the crotchety Winifred Elbon. All stand to make a fortune with the merger until Philip ends up dead! Was high finance ever so deadly– or so funny?

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 15 –-200 (divided into teams of 5-10)
Program Length: This program is done during a meal (lunch or dinner). It starts at cocktails and ends about an hour after the meal is served.
Location: This program can be done in a conference room, meeting space or private restaurant dinning room.