Classic Team Building Games and Challenges in PhiladelphiaTeam Building Benefits

Problem Solving
Continuous Improvement  

Classic Team Building Challenges is one of our very popular Games and Challenges. For more Games and Challenges, click here.

Participants are lead through a series of team building initiatives and then challenged to think, plan, decide and cooperate through the use of these exercises. It is through team member’s discussion regarding their own experiences during these games that teams become more aware of effective individual and team behaviors.

While operating as a team, learners have an opportunity to connect with each other, to build relationships, to accommodate diversities and leverage individual strengths. These team challenges provide a seriously FUN means to establish and refine the team’s process.

Objectives emphasized include building individual confidence and developing leadership and a sense of common cooperation among team members. The games are designed to build more self-confidence in a shorter length of time than anything MOST people have experienced. Please note: physical prowess is NOT a prerequisite

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 5 – 125
Program Length: From 90 minutes to a Half Day or even Full Day
Location: Outdoor location, function room or ballroom