Team Building Tapas Mixer Activities in Philadelphia

Fast fun and flavorful team building with an international flair! Simple, ‘no fuss’ cooking with great crowd-pleasing appetizers that make excellent team building activities.


Corporate Orig Chef Wide Programs in Washington

Armed with their natural talents teams are transformed into Iron Chefs everyone pitches in bringing the team to culinary victory.


Team Building Chili Cook-off Activities in New York City

Stir Up Some Fun! This heated competition will get your team energized and unified as they all work in harmony toward one goal creation of a brand new gourmet food company and its banner product Chili!


Team Building Top Dessert Chef Programs in Washington

Turn your team building event into a professional kitchen and let the baking begin! The end product? A spectacular grand dessert buffet created by your team to be enjoyed by all!


Corporate Fiesta Challenge Programs in Philadelphia

TASTY TEAM WORK In this refreshingly creative team building challenge it’s all about collaborating to create the perfect Tex-Mex taste treats! After some fun, high energy warm-ups, teams will shop at our Guac & Salsa Market Place to choose their “special” ingredients. They will then have time to barter and trade other teams to secure […]


Team Building Super Soups Activities in NY

Super Soups

With a pantry full of flavorful ingredients and a hearty helping of humor, teams use team-building skills to concoct an exciting new soup to fulfill their ‘client’s’ last-minute expectations. Ladles at the ready, your group must create the soup, brand it, (slogan, soup can label, etc) and develop delicious decision-making skills that are…mmm, mmm, fun!


Team Building Ice Cream Ball Challenge in Washington

Ice Cream Ball

Teams take the heat off in this fun-filled program of ice-cream making using our special ice cream making soccer ball! Pick your flavors and start rolling the ball! Using rock salt, dairy cream and some team elbow grease your group will roll, pass, and shake it up while creating their special flavor! Who said it’s not polite to play with your food?


Team Building Iron Chef Activities in Philadelphia

Team Iron Chef

Teams get creative in this exciting surprise-filled twist on the TV classic! A high-energy collaborative event where the ingredients combine for unpredictable yet satisfying results!


Corporate Iron Chef Tapas Activities in Washington

Iron Chef Tapas

An exciting gourmet competition where teams work to create amazing appetizer-style tapas dishes in the ‘kitchen stadium’ under the watchful eye of the Chairman and Iron Chef. A delicious exercise that really promotes intensely rewarding teamwork.