Cooking Team Building Vs Culinary Team Building

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It’s been public knowledge for a long time that people can bond in the kitchen and the dining hall. For this reason, many team building activities are food-centric. Whether it’s about making tacos or tasting them, team members can have great shared experiences that lend themselves naturally to satisfying a training or teamwork objective.


Gathering ingredients and preparing food are complete tasks that simulate almost any project that requires excellent communication, leadership, and flexibility.  Whether the recipe is strict or open to creative variation, the process of developing and implementing a strategy with definite, measurable goals can be applied to the workplace. Often there are other factors required like time pressure, attention to detail, and big picture thinking to ensure the job gets done properly.

Philly Hops conducts many effective Cooking Team Building Events, such as:

  • Chili Cook-Off
  • Frying Pan Pizza Workshop
  • Iron Chef Tapas


When having the right kitchen facility is an issue, a quick, easy (and often affordable) alternative is to have a Culinary Team Event.  This would be an event that is custom-designed for foodies but requires no actual cooking. These activities can take many forms and be particularly good as last-minute programs. Almost any venue can suffice, and there is lots of choice regarding the activity’s itinerary.

Some culinary team events are similar to tasting events, while others have an interactive quality. Some education on a certain food topic can be included, competition, or fun marketing-style mini games.

Philly Hops probably offers the most Culinary Team Building programs than anyone else in the country. Some famous examples:

  • Chocolate Therapy
  • Prohibition Mixology
  • Building Chocolate Bridges

Bringing your group together for a dynamic team activity works great with food as the focus. Whether it is a Cooking event or Culinary one, the natural tendency of people to gather around delicious food can work in your favor and cause an event to have a lasting impact!


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The Philly Hops Insight:

Culinary Team Building is great for last minute programs and for any venue you want to use.