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Cooperative Games & Team Building 

There has been a strong trend in the world of game design over the recent years towards cooperative gaming. Although a broad term, the basic concept covers any interactive game experience where participants use some form of cooperation, collaboration or teamwork to accomplish goals.

While the level and nature of ‘co-op’ in  games can vary greatly, this trend in games can naturally benefit anyone hoping to develop communication, leadership and group dynamic skills.

Many team building exercises have been based on, or have included, cooperative games.  Also, the introduction of these games into the mainstream culture means that the value of team skills can more easily be imparted to the casual ‘player’. In other words, a little bit of positive team building is everywhere.

We encourage you to think of introducing cooperative elements into group experiences, as a compliment to, or replacement for, competitive ones.Sometimes the cooperative elements can be obvious, or sometimes clever masked. Part of our mission at Philly Hops is to develop exciting and dynamic games with a true level of meaningful co-op. These experiences can translate perfectly into the workspace and community.