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The City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) love is the natural site for developing healthy team practices where everyone bonds through fun and meaningful experiences.

Looking back, it seems to make total sense that the team building programs we produce fit well with the Philadelphia scene. Sure, the city’s history is deep and importance profound. You can’t walk down a street without breathing in a sense of connection to the past.

However, Philadelphia also embodies a feeling of comfort and familiarity, a metropolis with a warm attitude. Being a ‘city of neighborhoods’, Philadelphia is a metaphor for functioning teams. Many individual members (neighborhoods), with their unique identities and assets, working together for the whole, to create a cohesive system.

It’s been a pleasure to operate from, and highlight, Philadelphia in our corporate team exercises. Certainly we travel and bring our very popular team games to many other cities, though there is a special quality and undeniable value to those held within Philadelphia. Olde City, Rittenhouse Square, Chinatown, Reading Terminal, Italian Market, Penn’s Landing…these are famous areas for which we constantly create events.

But that’s just the beginning: there are so many great places to explore in Philadelphia, your group cannot miss!