Team Building – It’s a Carnival Time!

Teams create their own hilarious carnival games.   In this action-packed cooperative exercise teams combines fun-filled creativity with engaging design challenges.Create a Carnival Game

THE PROCESS: Teams plan and design, then build and test, their own carnival games. With an assortment of diverse and amusing materials, simple guidelines and suggestions, teams can invent humorous games of skill, luck and strategy.

Teams are also encouraged to trade items and collaborate to share success. Planning the games requires a mix of personality types, and brings together both engineering skills and creative flair.

The games are then used in a group-wide activity that keeps everyone engaged in a fun mix of cooperative and competitive play. The carnival allows teams to bond in an experiential event that highlights communication and humor.

PHILANTHROPIC VERSION: Teams can earn food items through the carnival that are donated to charity.

• Group Size: 6-200
• Program Length: 2-3 hours approximately
• Location: This program is extremely flexible and can be done in virtually any conference room or meeting space.