At its core, team building is about harnessing people’s potentials so that they can contribute to the goals of the organizations. In years gone by people use to believe that fun is something that you do on a Friday afternoon or on a conference. Today people want and need to have fun WHILE they are working…right through from Monday to Friday…especially if you are working with generation X and generation Y. *Creating A Culture Of Having Fun At Work Fun looks different for each individual and team. However, the first step is a conscious awareness of its importance.

Here are some ways to initiate such a culture: *Engage With Employees “What would make this job a fun environment for you?” “What would you change to make work more fun?” These questions will go a long way in determining what makes each individual tick. Don’t try to guess what would be fun for them. Ask the people who are suppose to have fun themselves.
Team Building Productivity and Having Fun
 *Have Fun As The Leader As a leader of your team or organization, you play a big role in establishing the culture. If you are having fun, chances are good that fun at work will become a culture.

*Use Meeting Icebreakers Start every meeting with a different icebreaker. Here is a link to some icebreakers.

*Initiate a competition Have a competition throughout the organization where people come up with the best ways to implement a fun culture at work.

*Make It Part Of Performance Appraisals Bring the topic of having fun up in the performance appraisal. “Are you having fun?” “How can you make this job more enjoyable for yourself?” Motivate them to become aware of it.

Resource Box: Betty Robinson, one of Philadelphia’s the first female chefs was known for her creative, non-conventional style of cooking. These qualities define her current passion as founder and CEO of Philly Hops & Go Team Building, an innovative team building company specializing in team building activities that build trust and promote high performance teamwork.