Culinary Challenges


A study in collaboration, your team won’t believe the delicious, gourmet food they create when they practice team building chef-style. Unlike many other cooking team building programs our programs are designed and lead by an impressive group of credentialed, professional chefs. Some Programs are based on kitchen availability in your location.

Help Your Team Blossom

You’re probably a company owner or manager if you’re reading an article about team building. You could be working in a department with a “tense” communication atmosphere. Staff may not be getting along as they should. There could be even trust issues between people.Situational specifics aside, a tense work environment is stressful for you and [...]

Team Building And Team Development

Team Building & Team Development When wе hear the term “team building,” іnѕtаntlу wе аrе drаwn tо thе wоrd “team” and then what can bе dоnе to hеlр thіѕ team іmрrоvе or grow. Tеаm buіldіng іѕ about understanding, аррrесіаtіng, dеvеlоріng and maximizing thе реорlе іn уоur tеаm, аnd also the team as a unіfіеd grоuр.   First, understanding [...]

Cooking Team Building Vs Culinary Team Building

Cooking Team Building Vs Culinary Team BuildingCorporate Events For Every TasteIt's been public knowledge for a long time that people can bond in the kitchen and the dining hall. For this reason, many team building activities are food-centric. Whether it's about making tacos or tasting them, team members can have great shared experiences that lend themselves [...]

Team Center-Peace

TEAM BUILDING - TEAM CENTER-PEACEEach team plans and designs a table centerpiece with meaning. All  of the projects combine to tell an inspirational “whole group” story.Teams collaborate to write the story then deliver a simple presentation which inter-winds with other teams. As the narrative unfolds, the message will be loud, clear and positive. (Centerpieces can be [...]

Holiday Fiesta Team Building Party

HOLIDAY FIESTA TEAM BUILDING PARTYA holiday party that your group creates themselves! Teams design unique holiday piñatas and other seasonal decorations, many of which become philanthropic gifts to children-in-need organizations. Teams also create their own snacks, like Holiday Guacamole or Santa Sangria! If you want a holiday party filled with goodwill, this is it!

Joy Of Chocolate: Holiday Edition

HOLIDAY TEAM BUILDING PROGRAM I JOY OF CHOCOLATEA tasty chocolate team building to celebrate the holidays together!   Engage your group in a yummy chocolate tasting that stretches to become a marketing plan to promote chocolate flavors as a cure for the holiday blues! Can chocolate solve the world’s problems? Can it bring peace on earth? [...]