Culinary Team BuildingPhilly Hops is happy to announce it is launching an all-new initiative called ‘Culinary Connections’.

This cutting edge program lets groups choose a “Foodie” team building event from ‘s large catalogue of food-related programs. In Culinary Connections you can find a program to fit perfectly with your team’s tastes, needs and style.

These creative food-related programs range from wine making challenges, fun games for chocolate lovers, Mixology Prohibition-style, to creating a delicious Tapas meal. No other company offers a variety of innovative food programs similar to Philly Hops. Events are led by seasoned professional chefs, food experts, and team building professionals. Your group will experience the best, from the best leaders in the team building industry.

Why are culinary team games so popular? Sharing food is a time-honored group tradition that encourages bonding and learning better cooperative skills. The excitement of tasting and experimenting in a kitchen, for example, is an amazing way to look at and improve team organizational and leadership skills. The best part? The entire team can share in the results – and shared success is a very important aspect of teamwork!

We encourage you to check out the “Culinary Connections” section in our (new and upgraded) website—coming very soon! Or check out the classic Culinary and Cooking sections until the exciting new launch takes place.

We will keep you posted when the launch happens! Come see what delicious choices are available for your upcoming group outing! When you’re hungry for a really fun and effective team event, Philly Hops can serve you up an unforgettable time!