Team Building Holiday Program


Teams use their imagination and sense of fun to create their own Happy Hour event! From creating unique beverages (Sangria, anyone?) to making delicious finger food snacks, teams can lay out a real spread!

The Process:

Teams are given an equal amount of money. They are then set free in our company “Store”to buy or barter for their ingredients. The goal? To make one “Signature” hors d’oeuvre (Tapas, Sushi…) and drinks to wash it down.

Teams set up their own area or “pub” and design their Happy Hour experience. They give their Happy Hour a theme, make a chalkboard advertising specials, create posters, plan promotions, and giveaway items.

The finale? It’s time for a great “Get to Know You”. The group mixes and mingles meeting new friends and old while they enjoy what they accomplished together.