The response to our popular Movie Making Team Building Exercise has been very positive.

The Lightning Fast Video Challenge has been successful with various size corporate groups and various department types. LFVC is a little bit creative, a little bit problem-solving, a little bit logistics and planning, and a lot of high-energy teamwork.

Some of the clients recently have required even shorter timeframes than usual, and for this reason, we have developed an even faster version of this video making team building game.

The Super Lightning Fast Video Challenge uses the same premise and program formula but on an even more accelerated time-scale. (plan and shoot…and screen! a short film in under 2 hours!!!) We have developed this high-speed version for those situations where the flexibility of a shorter ‘program module’ can be used to accent a larger full-day schedule.

Our experience so far with the ‘Super Lightning’ version has been very positive. I am proud to have this as an option in our ever-growing catalog of customizable team building activities.