Team Building Activity

Team Benefits

Building Team Spirit Creative Problem Solving Communication Skills Improve Commitment, Cooperation & Collaboration Time Management

This program is one of our very popular Treasure Hunt Team Building Programs

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Experience the challenge of a Philly Hops treasure hunt. Exercise your mind and your ability to work together as a team. Feel the thrill as you discover the unexpected searching through The Franklin Institute’s quirks, secrets and trivia. It’s a quest for the famous and infamous, the historic and the hysterical.

Part team-building exercise and part social icebreaker, treasure hunts are educational, challenging, highly competitive and humbling. Great for large or small groups alike, these interactive events are emceed and facilitated by Philly Hops and may be held all year-round.

The Institute

“The door of wisdom is always open”, said Benjamin Franklin, and the wonders of science are waiting to be found. Have a ball on the Franklin Institute treasure hunt as you discover electricity, walk through the heart, or ride a “Sky Bike” while suspended from the ceiling. You and your team will create sparks in a 350 Ton Iron Horse, “Go for the Gold” in the “Sports Challenge” or get an up close and personal look at the nearest star. The Franklin Institute is a fantastic place to communicate, collaborate and appreciate your peers as you discover the hidden treasures that lie within.

Hunt Procedure

Each team receives a detailed map of the hunt area and a set of Mysteries to explain, items to Scavenge and Polaroid photographs to take. The event concludes with each team creating a photomontage storyboard and culminates with always entertaining performances done to the laughs and cheers of the rest of the teams.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 8 – 125 (divided into teams of 5-10) Program Length: 4 hours approximately Location: We suggest you obtain a meeting space or conference room at the Franklin Institute. If that is not possible and you have transportation there are restaurants and meeting spaces in the surrounding area.