Team Building Games and Challenges ProgramsYou’ve seen them sitting around the kitchen table, after dinner or during  bad weather, families spending time together while playing games.  Precious time well spent, where everyone has a chance to laugh, socialize, share experiences and perhaps test their skills. You know it can work for families, and often become a ritual the group looks forward to! Some make a point of playing games during holiday celebrations, or with friends in the neighborhood.

The same benefits you and your family can achieve by entering the ‘play space’ can be realized by ANY type of group! If you apply the same principles to a corporate group, community group or any gathering where people meet, game-playing can make any time far more valuable. Here are some of the common elements in Playing with your family that can translate into Team Activities:

1. A Safe Play Space
Most people consider games to be fun and even frivolous. With that initial approach, an air of safety and casual interaction is assumed. This allows for more open expression, more creativity, more memory-making.  You can do things in most games that you probably would not think doing normally. You can relax and know that ‘it’s all for fun’. Whether you expected it or not, some bonding occurs.

2. Testing Relationships
Most games have enough interaction that there is an opportunity to lightly explore your relationship with the other players. Learning more about others’ sense of Humour, their Knowledge, their Insights, their Quirks.  Games can allow this even more than the typical conversation. (Just as many learn best by DOING, games allow people to be more open because they are DOING something)

3. Active Listening
Many games really encourage players to listen and become very involved with each others’ behavior. The best games often engage every player 100% of the time. This can foster an environment of closer-knit communication. Even in very competitive games, players are often paying strict attention to each other, working as a ‘team’ in ways they may not realize.

My prescriptions?
1. Play games with your family to see the wonderful benefits.
2. Translate that same positive energy into games for your professional groups!