Unique Program Uses Chocolate For Team Building

Team Building Company Philly Hops has blended popular interest in fine chocolate with experiential team building activities (to craft an unusual but effective series of “foodie” team development programs. These programs are not only engaging and stimulating but promote team skills such as communication, creative problem solving and collaboration. Designed with organizations and corporate groups in mind, the flagship program, Chocolate Therapy, utilizes marketing simulations, tasting exercises and building trust through humor in the service of a unique experience that inspires desirable team dynamics.

The exciting appeal of gourmet chocolate supports a positive approach to building better teams. This is one of the underlying strengths of the program. Designed by Philly Hops founder and president Betty Robinson, the Chocolate Therapy team building program is a much-requested corporate event and has recently expanded to accommodate large groups. Philly Hops launched in 1998. Owner, Betty Robinson, is a former professional chef and event planner with many years of experience in Philadelphia’s finest restaurants.

Robinson’s Philly Hops develops groundbreaking team building activities and utilizes professional game designers and award winning trainers to produce a diverse catalog of innovative programs. Chocolate Therapy is now one of the company’s most popular offerings. The company offers a variety of programs and events to achieve team development, including the philanthropic program “The Giving Tree,” an “Anything Goes Scavenger Hunt” and the “DiSC Personality Profile,” to name just a few. And after 15 years in the business, Philly Hops consistently receives rave reviews: CS, Bristol Myers Squibb writes – “Thank you so much for your support of my recent team building event. Your assigned facilitators were extremely effective in getting the team energized and engaged from the outset.

Equally important, I truly appreciated the manner in which the leader was able to translate the “fun” part of the activities to the business imperative I was seeking to emphasize.” Concerning the effectiveness of the “Cake Wars” program, another client, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, writes, “Philly Hops was very responsive and attentive to our needs and expectations. [The program fosters] good engagement and participation, [with] the right balance of learning and fun—great delivery!”

To learn how a corporate team building event can help boost your company’s group-esTEAM, visit the Philly Hops website (https://phillyhops.com/) or contact Owner Betty Robinson at 215-426-5644 or betty@phillyhops.com