Our popular slot car racing team building event has taken a hairpin turn for the best.   With the recent high-energy Grand Prix Team Raceways variant, where teams tour the world’s greatest cities in an exciting competition that also teaches collaboration!

In the Grand Prix, teams create custom racetracks themed around their chosen city. Detroit? Buenos Aires? Cairo?

Making the décor is half the fun; designing the track is the other. Of course, we’ve managed to squeeze in a third half: Racing! Team racers travel from city to city, accumulating scores and seeing the sights.

This event is very interactive for all participants, with so much to do! The Pit Crew helps the Racers stay ‘on track’; the Engineers care for the structural integrity of the build; the Lap Counters keep a keen eye on the scores. Grand Prix Team Raceway is a real mix for creative and analytic types. There is a role for every personality. The result is an activity that brings excitement and inspiration to any group.