Fun Fast Team Building! 

A High-speed, results-oriented skillbuilding event where teams build custom slot car racetracks. Then racing on mixing it up on each others’ tracks.  For a great combination of collaboration and competition this is it! 

Grand Prix Team Racing Challenges in New York CityTeam Building Benefits

Team Spirit
Problem Solving
Time Management  

TEAM BUILDING GETS INTO HIGH GEAR Team collaboration meets healthy competition in a fast-paced, results-oriented exercise where engineering challenges meet creative problem-solving and high-speed fun wins the day!

TEAM SKILLS STAY ON TRACK… This exciting team building exercise keeps everyone involved, as teams design and construct their own, unique custom slot car racetrack. The layout must be ‘themed’ and many planning and implementation skills are put to the test.

READY…GET SET…RESULTS!… Part of the fun is creating the tracks and unique race challenges. The rest is the spirited races themselves, as teams tackle each other’s tracks and go on a ‘world racing tour’, where every team member is a winner. This program is action-packed and highly memorable.

WHO WILL LOVE THIS PROGRAM…. Any group with a diverse mix of personality types or skillsets. Our Slot Car Racing team building game impacts leadership skills, brainstorming techniques, consensus and collaboration methods, and many other invaluable team assets worth promoting. The finish line is that your group will work together in a new and exciting way.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 12 – 50 (divided into teams of 5-7 each)
Program Length: 2 – 3 hours approximately
Location: This program can be done in any conference room, meeting space or function room.