Team Building Communication TipsIt is no secret that all leaders who have made it big in the corporate world have succeeded with one simple formula: ‘Communicate, communicate and communicate’. It is not strange to understand why. When you talk with an open heart and mind and are ready to hear back with receptively and readily, it works wonders. The person or people in front of you not just feel comfortable with you but also with repeated communications and conversations, you earn the status of a true leader who understands, expresses and empathizes. From a team building and management perspective, let us explore how open communication works:
  1. When a senior, supervisor or boss talks and discusses problems and issues directly with his or her team members, they feel empowered and are attracted to confide back with their boss. The result is better team management and better performance and results, overall.
  2. When the CEO, HR Manager or HR Director communicates frequently with the employees and other staff members in the organization, employees feel approachable and also feel heard. By holding frequent company or team meetings, employees get a platform to express their concerns and apprehensions with the senior management. The result is an open corporate environment that ensures transparency.
  3. When members within a team talk to each other frequently, they share constructive ideas and brainstorm and this helps them in performing better as a team. This frequent communication ultimately makes it easy for their project or senior manager to handle and delegate the job responsibilities easily.
Thus, it would be appropriate to derive that communication is definitely the most important element in team building and winning over the hearts of others when you hold a senior position in your organization. However, does too much communication also pose some challenges to team building? Yes, it does! For instance, if the members of a team talk too frequently with each other and end up sharing sensitive information such as salary details and start gossiping too much or get into verbal fights and conflicts, it becomes hard to manage them. In such situations then, it is necessary for a Team Manager to be diplomatic in team building, empathetic and to be open and unbiased about listening to everybody and all perspectives vividly. Only by doing so, Team Manager can come up with objective solutions for problems and make sure everybody in the team is happy! Likewise, maintaining “Emotional Balance” is the keyword when it comes to handling rumors and gossips within teams. A Manager must have the mental strength to digest the fact that some people may unnecessarily criticize them even if they do an honest job and similarly, some people will praise them even if they did a small job with smaller results. By staying balanced and focused on organizational goals, for sure, these shortcomings and risks of over-communication can be overcome easily.