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Health Relationships & Team Building

Whether at work or in personal life, relationships play a vital role in keeping us happy, motivated and connected to reality. When our relationships flourish, our performance at the workplace automatically goes up and as a result, success comes to us easily.

Similarly, healthy relationships also keep us psychologically motivated and happy and encourage us to perform with enthusiasm and passion. So what exactly is a healthy relationship? Let us explore some examples:
  1. Relationship between a Manager and a junior team member is healthy when both are comfortable talking to each other with an open mind and communicate their concerns at work openly.
  2. Relationships in personal life whether with friends or family members is healthy when everything is honestly expressed to each other. Whether positive or negative, if a relationship can stand on 100% truth, that relationship is far better than any other relationship that stands on lies.
Thus, by encouraging one’s team to develop healthy relationships among themselves and in their personal lives, a team manager can play a vital role in developing his team. These are some common ways in which a leader can enhance the relationship his team member’s share:
  1. By arranging team outings and team building events, team managers can ensure that members get to talk to each other outside of office, freely and casually and encourage get to know each other well.
  2. By rewarding team members, team managers can motivate them and improve his or her relationship with them. Although in the workplace, building personal relationships may be limited, it is still possible for team members to bond with each other for the sake of delivering their work successfully.
  3. By introducing team members to new training programs, arranging team building celebrations, motivational speeches, stress management and time management programs, indirectly team managers and organizational leaders can convey the message to employees that ‘I care for your well-being’.
  4. By patiently listening when a team member approaches them with a problem, the HR Manager or the team manager can extend a helping hand in solving the problem and display empathy towards their team members. Doing so encourages open communication and improves intra-organizational transparency.
Thus, overall, all leaders must ensure to inspire a work environment where people are encouraged to speak the truth and express themselves freely without the fear of being reprimanded or rebuked for having done so.

It is important to remember that all of human beings are still like little children within, who need to be motivated, appreciated and loved for who we are. When the person in front of us, whether it is our boss at work or our parents or siblings or friends, shows us they appreciate us for who we are, our heart blossoms and relationships automatically improve. As a direct result of flourishing relationships, our performance improves and we start producing success that benefits others and us equally.