Cooking Team Building

Armed with their natural talents teams are transformed into “Iron Chefs” – everyone pitches in bringing the team to culinary victory.

Team Building Chefs in Washington

Team Building Benefits

Team Unity 
Overcoming Barriers
Time Management
Team Success 

Team Building With Professional Chefs!

Another big thanks for a great team building event that we are still talking about! If you would please send the recipes from our dinner we would be soooo happy. Hope to work with you again soon!” – – Ikea

Who hasn’t imagined being a Chef for a day? Dressed in dazzling whites, armed with ingenuity as their main tool, your team will be transformed into “Iron Chefs” – racing against the clock, everyone pitching in to bring their team to victory.

This is no “audience style” cooking demonstration. Your team will actually cook their own banquet. Lead by a professional chef the program is arranged to mimic a restaurant kitchen with its unique challenges and team philosophy. Just as in a professional kitchen teams must often succeed with limited resources and time, your team will soon discover cooperation and mutual support is how to rise to the challenge. The highlight of the day is the banquet and award ceremony, where teams enjoy a banquet of their own creation. But these awards are not for taste and eye appeal alone, but for perseverance and team spirit.


Professional chefs often work in tight spaces and are frequently “under the gun” as far as time, tools and resources are concerned. To be successful chefs must think on their feet, using their ingenuity and working in harmony, supporting all team members to achieve their mission.

The Process:

Using a format similar to the “Iron Chef” television program, the group must produce their banquet within an allotted time frame. The mission that must drive the entire team — the whole banquet must be completed at the exact moment specified. To achieve this it will be necessary for all teams to work interdependently. When the banquet is complete the team will sit down together and will enjoy the fruit of their labors.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 6 – 100 (divided into teams of 5-10)
Program Length: 4 hours approximately
Location: This event can be done in a ballroom, function room, or meeting space of your choice. It does require the cooperation and participation of your selected venue.