Here is an article we wrote a while back about our Fast Video program done in New York. New York is a 24-hour city full of things to see and do. With this in mind- the Fast Video Program is the perfect activity for team building in New York. If you close your eyes and think of the movie legends; Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Peter Jackson, this team building concept may just unveil brilliant undiscovered filmmaking talents. Or on the other hand it could serve as a reminder to the attendees that they should continue with their day jobs! Whichever may be the case, participants will have the time of their lives connecting with each other because team building in New York has a hint of the Hollywood touch… As you let your creative juices flow, you will believe that New York streets are the greatest backdrops for a film.

From Times Square, To Wall Street, to Rockefeller, to Central Park, the variety of scenery and possibilities are never ending. For this movie making team building activity, attendees are urged to follow in the footsteps of many successful directors who have had the chance to film in New York and have produced quality works utilizing some of New York’s classic venues. New York indoors can be exhilarating as the outdoors. Some great indoor inspirational films include; a mysterious murder committed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art per The Dan Vinci Code.

Or picture a breathtaking dash through New York’s Grand Central Station during a Hitchcock-like chase scene. Or imagine strolling through the American Museum of Natural History where the dioramas serves as the backdrop in Woody Allen fashion. In order to set up a perfect scene for the Fast Video Challenge, the teams are first of all given a scenario, which inspires them to use their creativity. Then they must create a five-minute video and shoot it in a 50-minute time frame. Teams are asked to unite and work together from start to finish. They are tasked with arriving at swift solutions to problems they may run into along-the way. It may seem a bit far-fetched but what follows is controlled chaos on large scale where group member work frantically by sharing skills and talents. But they are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to create their video productions.

This type of team building inspires cohesion and cooperation. The Fast Video New York package includes the most crucial tool that groups need to embark on this team building adventure, apart from their unique ideas; a video camera. Attendees are given the freedom to come up with a storyline in line with their assigned film genre. The storyline could be drama, horror, and musical or sci-fi, however, comedy always seems to play a huge role in the group’s choices. Comedy motivates a free and upbeat mood in this and all team building programs. The team building activity can be launched in conference room, or meeting space and groups are encouraged to go outside to capture local sceneries and attractions– its New York the place with plenty to see!