Philly Hops Team Building ProgramIn the city that never sleeps there are so many things to see and do. That is why the Fast Video Program seems to be tailor-made for team building in New York.

Think James Cameron, Peter Jackson or Steven Spielberg… this team building activity will either reveal to the world (or at least to the group) some hidden talents in film making or remind the participants to stick to their day job! Either way, teams will have a ball bonding with their teammates. This is team building in New York — with a touch of Hollywood.

When you really think about it, what better possible backdrop for a film then the streets of New York? From Times Square, to Rockefeller Center, Central Park to Wall Street, the diversity of scenery and possibilities evoked are endless. For a movie making team building activity, teams could follow the example of the many successful directors who have filmed in New York and shoot inside some of the classic NY venues.

Indoors in New York can be just as exciting as outdoors with film inspirations like… a mysterious murder committed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Does this sound like a familiar scenario… a la the Da Vinci Code? Or dashing through New York’s Grand Central Station during a Hitchcock-like chase scene. Or maybe strolling through the American Museum of Natural History with the dioramas as a backdrop – Woody Allen-style. To set the scene for the Fast Video Challenge the group is first given a scenario that gets them thinking.

They must come up with and shoot a five-minute video in 40 minutes. Sound pretty challenging? What follows will definitely begin as total mayhem as team members enthusiastically share skills, talents and energy to create their video production. This team building activity not only generates excitement but also inspires cooperation. Teams must collaborate from the beginning to end and also find quick solutions to problems that arise along the way.

The Fast Video New York package comes with the most important tool that the teams will need for the adventure, other than their own ideas: a video camera for each team. The participants are then free to create a storyline based on an assigned film genre. It may be drama, musical, even sci-fi or horror, but more often than not, comedy is a big part of the team’s choice, in keeping with the playful atmosphere of the team building program. The complete program typically lasts a half-day. It could launch from any conference room or meeting space with teams also venturing outdoors to include local scenes and attractions. This is, after all, New York.