7 Great Reasons To Include Fun As A Serious Part Of Office Life

Fun is Productive! Fun defeats boredom and fatigue (enemies of productivity).

Fun Strengthens Communication!

Fun breaks through social barriers. When a group experiences fun communication becomes more natural.

Fun helps Social Skills! Make it through difficult times when social needs increase with workplace fun that can rise to help.

Fun stops Stress! Stop group stress (conflict and tension) with a healthy dose of fun

Fun Empowers! Say goodbye to fatalism and detachment as fun fulfills a need for mastery and control.

Fun Leads to Pride! Promote staff creativity and willingness to help customers, as positive customer experiences are associated with employees’ sense of ownership.

Fun is Healthy! Get on board with healthy living as laughter increases oxygen intake, boosts circulation, increases the pain threshold and boosts immunity. Psychological well-being has been linked with cardiovascular health.