Team Building Activity in PhiladelphiaTeam Building – Play Ice Cream Ball

Team Building Benefits

* Building team spirit
* Problem Solving
* Communication Skills
* Maintain a can-do approach

The Ice Cream Ball is one of our very popularTeam Cooking Programs.
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Teams take the heat off in a fun-filled program of ice-cream making and taste-testing treats!

Pick your flavor and start rolling the ice cream ball!

Play some thought-provoking ice cream games while dreaming up fun flavor enhancements. Then tie on the blindfolds for a crazy taste-test game where the real scoop is having fun while learning to build team skills! This sweet and satisfying team building program blends real teamwork with hilarious brainstorming games and bits and pieces of problem-solving fun.

Think outside of the tub!

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 10 – 100 (divided into teams of 5-10)

Program Length: 1 ½ hours approximately

Location: This program is flexible and can be done in a conference room, meeting space or function room.