Team Building of the Future!

The year is 2017. Your company has embarked on a bold new initiative known as a Space Time Merger. Top executives from your company have just been contacted by another group of executives from your company…. but from the year 2061! (we call it a Time Fax!) Your mission? To learn how to use Innovation skills to develop new ideas, using the inventions of the past and present to create the solutions for the future!

Innovation Treasure HuntCreative Team Building Past, Present, Future

A rapid-fire, fun, and thought-provoking program for any number of teams this unusual program combines treasure hunt excitement, brainstorming creativity and visioning as teams conceive and develop the inventions of the future.

Teams hunt for Artifacts (the inventions of the past) and combine them in different ways to create exciting new Innovations, such as the Anti-Gravity Machine, Virtual Reality Synthesizer or Undersea Golf Course!

There is a lot of strategy and teamwork inherent in this game and trading among teams for the cherished artifacts and Innovations is greatly encouraged. Once all teams return to HQ, they begin work on their own Super Innovation!

This is a highly imaginative exercise where all elements from the previous mission are combined into a large visual presentation. Often, the Super Innovation is customized with your company mission. For example, ‘an invention that will help the company prosper in the future, and will help solve a world problem.’

Time: 3 – 4 hours approximately
Group Size: 6 – 200
Location: A function room or a private room. Meeting space can be rented at the Franklin Institute or nearby