The year is 2017. Your company has embarked on a bold new initiative known as a Space Time Merger.

Top executives from your company have just been contacted by another group of executives from your company…. but from the year 2059! (We call it a Time Fax!)

Your mission? To learn how to use Innovation skills to develop new ideas, using the inventions of the past and present to create the solutions for the future!

Our popular Space-Time Treasure Hunt has been expanded and is now, even better!

The Innovation Treasure Hunt adds new levels of brainstorming, creativity and ‘think-tank’ skills to a Treasure Hunt format. Teams have great fun and strategic challenges as they work to collect key objects, take clever photos and create futuristic designs that ultimately combine into a visionary presentation, filled with humor, ingenuity and perhaps some real forward thinking!

We look forward to running this exciting program for teams everywhere!