Our most creative culinary team building program ever!

What can your team do with a box full of secret ingredients and a short amount of time?

Find out as teams create original hors d’oeuvres in this fast-paced game of delicious daring!

Team members must collaborate to create recipes and then display them with style. The ingredients will be a surprise, and that’s not all: teams may also be handed theme challenges (appetizers for the King of France…delicacies to celebrate the grand opening of a football stadium……who knows?) to include in their display.

Teams will enjoy the fruits of their labors by browsing and tasting each others’ inventions, and a professional chef will be on hand for consultation, advice and judging! Iron Chef Tapas goes extreme with more excitement and thrills than ever before!

Program Length: 2 hours approximately

Location: Any conference room or meeting space. A kitchen is not required.

The addition of a trainer and a professional debrief is also available to reinforce teachable moments and create an even more memorable (and meaningful) experience.

Sample Schedule:
Introduction & Ice Breakers
Team Tapas Challenge
Tapas Buffet

Group Size: 6-150
Program Length: 2 hrs approximately. 

A function room or meeting space. Full kitchen facilities are not required.