Phillyhops Food Tasting

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Taste of Philly: Dessert Buffet

A Regional & Philly Historic Dessert Tasting
 Philly’s not just a historic game changer, housing the beginnings of constitutional justice, its culinary history has delivered mouthwatering desserts through time too. Start the fun by making your own Hires Root Beer Ice Cream Float, then join a round of Philly Dessert Tastings. Whoopie pies, Carrot Cake with Philadelphia Cream Cheese icing, Hershey Kisses, and Tasty Cakes are all Philadelphia’s gift to the world.


Italian Tasting Team Building

The Italian Mob Snack Attack Tasting

Little Nicky and Angelo Bruno’s reign over Philly’s Mob crime scene may have come to an end but their culinary legacy is still going strong. A Chef-Leader will guide your group through Philadelphia’s Italian history. “Leave the gun, take the cannoli,” isn’t just a quote from a gang-land movie. After making your own mini hoagies, your leader will guide you in a series of mini-tastings. Cannoli? Yes! Pizza and Cheesesteaks? Yes! Bring your appetite for a history-rich, taste-packed “Italian Mob” Snack Attack tasting.