Team Building Event in New YorkTeam Building Resolutions!

Here’s a fun (and useful) idea to get your group on focus and forward-thinking. Work with them to create a list of ‘New Year’s team Resolutions’.

A few tips:

1. Facilitate a healthy brainstorming session where all group members think, speak, write and share their ideas for resolutions. Give them time to think and jot down their favorite ideas.

2. Assist them in phrasing the ideas in very accessible terms, that everyone can agree upon as do-able resolutions.

3. Break larger resolutions into smaller steps that can be realistically realized.

4. Let the group prioritize the list, then choose their top picks.

5. Document the chosen resolutions in some form and have the information available to all, easy to access on a daily basis, to provide inspiration and incentive.

6. Consider a reward schedule system that ties in with the specific resolutions.

We hope you and your group have an amazing New Year and that the calendar change translates into a more exciting and positive team!

Philly Hops