With all of the moviemaking team building activities we are producing these days, a common real estate phrase comes to mind (one that happily applies to movie making also). 

Location, Location, Location!

We have run (and can run) our various film making team programs in any location but it is fun to consider the distinct advantages and unique qualities of specific destinations. Team Building in New York City works very well with an intense program such as new Lightning Fast Video Challenge where teams can capitalize on the exciting backdrop of the world’s largest movie set.  

The Big Apple! Aside from the popular landmarks and tourist attractions as undeniable ‘guest stars’ in any team’s movie project, the general bustle and culture of NYC makes a wonderful setting for any film.

With our Hollywood business simulation exercise Big Box Office, teams can really get into the spirit of movie project development in the center of high-powered commerce that is New York City. The more I consider it, the more I find moviemaking team building in NYC to be a perfect marriage of theme, function and fun.