Team Building: Iron Chef Frying Pan Pizza Challenge in NY

Iron Chef Frying Pan Pizza with Pizzazz

The group makes “Frying Pan Pizzas” with team work and style.  Who needs an oven when you and your group can turn out snacks like awesome pizza using a stove-top burner and a frying pan?  Doughy and crispy at the same time its fun to make this unique stove-top treat!


Spam Carving Competition

Teams take part in a variety of Spam Carving Competitions. Challenges vary from themes like the “Art of Spam”, Sp-aminals where spam is carved into a variety of animal shapes, or Spam-agories i.e. Categories.


The Tasting Club

The group goes through a unique tasting experience.  Cheese, Wine, Tea, or Chocolate may be the taste treats the group shares and savors.  Groups get in touch with their palate while being lead in tutored tastings of gourmet treats.


Corporate Charity Breakfast Snack-Pack Giveaway in Washington

Charity Breakfast & Snack-Pack Giveaway

Your group packages breakfast and snack packs that will be distributed to people in need such as the homeless or donated to local soup kitchens.


Team Pet Partners Events in Philadelphia

Pet Partners

A fun group exercise where everyone makes pet toys and snacks to donate to needy dogs and cats.  Both a game and a philanthropic experience, the playthings and snacks created will become contributions to a pet rescues.


Blankets For Wounded Soldiers

Teams pull together to make a difference by aiding wounded soldiers with custom-made emergency blankets. These “touch of home” blankets go a long way to providing comfort at the most critical of times.  All blankets get sent to combat soldiers through a Soldier’s donation program.


Raising The Chocolate Bar Events in NYC

Teams work together to create the ultimate chocolate bar, developing a hilarious marketing campaign that climaxes in a cooperative video commercial. It’s about sweet success as teams.