Philly Hops will be working hard to introduce new and exciting team building programs to its ever-growing catalogue.

Philanthropic team activities will be a popular focus, along with more strategy and problem-solving games designed for the analytical personality. Beta tests for new programs will continue as a regular process. In fact right now we are looking for small teams interested in doing a facilitated games and challenges program at a deep discount – these programs are offered at promotional prices for new and old clients.

To complement out experiential team building programs, we will offer items for purchase that can provide valuable team challenges without our facilitation. These ‘team building to go’ items will be published exclusively by Philly Hops, and may be an affordable option for those who don’t need to book a live program.

Finally, communication is key in any team building exercise, and we will be providing beefed up communication on our end through regular social networking content and helpful interactive newsletters designed to keep you involved. Let’s look forward to an amazing year of experiential team building fun and excitement!