Companies, and organizations looking to train and develop their workforce by using team building programs can take full advantage of the matchless diversity of New York City. New York has everything a city could want and everything a team building activity could need: distinctive hotels, excellent meeting space, exceptional restaurants, incredible museums, and a sprawling park all condensed into the compact city.  

With art, history, and culture fully embraced and integrated, New York City provides a perfect setting for some outstanding team building activities. Home of unique settings like Grand Central Station, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and Central Park, New York bursts with potential for one-of-a-kind team building activities.

From downtown, where streets are famous for their ethnic history, to uptown full of elegance and distinction, the possibilities are endless. Imagine the fun your group will have while building trust, teamwork, and communication skills at the same time they explore New York City. Team building activities that are non-physical yet still challenging, often take place in the private rooms of New York’s great restaurants, conference centers, and hotels.

Among other things team members can have a great gastronomical experience, sampling New York foods and International fare that has been incorporated into a corporate team building program. Popular New York venues such as the American Museum of Natural History, New York Historical Society, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, could also become locations for an indoor team building activity.

New York venues let participants have fun and learn about teamwork without having to go far. A group can improve their cooperation, increase their motivation, and enhance their bond, all in the comfort of a classic New York setting. For those who want a little more physical adventure, places like Union Square, East Village, Gramercy Park, and downtown Manhattan can serve as a great backdrop for outdoor team building activities.

Participants doing a treasure hunt in these areas may have to dash in and out of stores, call “contacts” on their mobile phones, get on the subway, and even stop to ask questions of complete strangers to achieve the team “mission”. Innovation, quick decision-making, and creative thinking are required and also developed in a properly designed team building activity. Team building can be part of any event such as meetings, fundraisers, seminars, and retreats. These exercises can be used for training and development as well as rewards or ways to celebrate a team’s success. Strengthen work relationships, promote collaboration, reinforce teamwork, and simply have fun with team building activities next time you and your group are in New York City.