New York is a remarkable place for gourmet food. The city is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world and the exotic cuisines, culinary delights and dessert masterpieces in the various restaurants that abound are just too irresistible to forego. Because New York is an incredible foodie magnet what better place to hold a food-related team building activity – all about chocolate?

Team Building in New York

Corporate team building is well established just like New York’s food history is unquestioned. So it’s not surprising that employers who believe chocolate a great treat for their employees are taking it one step further. They are rewarding and celebrating together with their teams by utilizing corporate team building activities – gourmet-style.

Chocolate team building activities are one of the most popular team building events to date. The corporate world realizes the value of team building activities for building “can do” attitudes and increasing employee productivity. Team building companies are getting swamped for requests for activities like these, which clients consider the ultimate corporate dessert. There are a couple of chocolate activities that are certain to make your New York experience an unforgettable one. You’ll notice that team building activities don’t sound and feel like work, and that’s because the injection of fun into each activity is at least half of the reason for each one’s success.

The Chocolate Therapy program, created by Philly Hops Ltd., sounds like a medicinal cure and sure enough it is, of sorts. Participants unleash their creativity and their taste buds to find a cure that will change the world. Visualize this: your employees, working in teams, are secretly assigned a flavor of chocolate to work on and they must dive – literally – into a sea of chocolate samples to find it. Then, using this secret flavor, clinical data, their ingenuity and sense of humor, they must find a medicinal cure that is unlike any other. They’ve got to create that cure and market it.

Sounds easy? Remember, they’ve got to dig up their knowledge of product conceptualization and design, production, marketing, and promotion in order to come up with a successful product campaign. And drive it home with a successful team building experience! It’s definitely not as easy as taking a bite of that scrumptious chocolate, but it’s effective in building and fostering cooperation and collaboration, as well as discovering talents for business acumen and creativity.

Plus, while in New York they get to eat all the chocolates they want! Another popular chocolate activity that stands out among many team building activities available in New York is another program by Philly Hops, the Chocolate Bridges program. Think of your employees as mad scientists, who have just created a group of “magic compounds.” One of the unique things about these compounds is that they can be manipulated, and are 100% edible.

On the teams’ way to announcing their invention to the world, they have to cross a bridge over New York’s Hudson river and suddenly a crisis descends – in the form of a winter storm that destroys the bridge and leaves half of the team stranded, while the other half is able to successfully cross the bridge. Both halves of the team must build a bridge, and since they’re on both sides of the river the bridge they build must meet in the middle.

The only thing they’ve got on them is that magic compound and their brains. This fun team building activity has a deeper objective than just eating chocolates; it is an effective tool for building team spirit, problem solving, and focusing on the big picture. As in many team building activities, participants have fun while working to achieve goals. Think of New York chocolate team building activities as a corporate cure. We suggest that you try it, and after you and your employees go through the experience, we’re sure you will agree.