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Philanthropic Team Building Event

We’ve had a successful run with one of our philanthropic teams building events simply called ‘Fiesta Challenge‘.

The combination of guacamole, sangria (and salsa!) creation with team games and a charity twist, has made for a crazy, fun adventure for the groups we’ve produced this for. All of these exercises fuse into a party-like experience, a real fiesta atmosphere and attitude.

In some variations, we’ve included Mexican wrestler mask-making, maracas-painting and a wild new party game just for the event, like Rollaround Sombrero!

A definite highlight is the guacamole concocting, because there are endless ways to incorporate so many different ingredients: never the same recipe twice! Each team makes a very unique version. Of course, the tasting portion of the event is another big highlight!

The best part of the entire event for us has been seeing the entire process culminate into a philanthropic activity where the teams assemble customized Gift Pinatas, to then be presented to children and families in need.  This gives the party a purpose, and I think the team members really get a lot out of this aspect.

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