Team Building Philanthropic Activities in NYC

Teams compete in fun-filled and inspirational exercises that reinforce collaborative principles, then accumulate items used to decorate wonderful themed topiaries that are donated to children in need.


Team Activities: Video That Changes Lives in Washington

Teams create short video ‘pitches’ that demonstrate their own out-of-the-box business concepts.  The results are used to support a real life third-world entrepreneur through their receipt of a micro loan!


Corporate Mural Making Programs in Philadelphia

Mural Making (for everyone…not just artists!)

Teams come together in a highly rewarding program that combines group planning with creative chaos! Teams undertake an exciting mural challenge to form a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. No artistic talent required!


Corporate Charity Snack-pack Giveaway Programs in New York

Charity Snack-Pack Giveaway

If your group is looking for a way to give back to the local community while coming together as a team, consider the Charity Snack Pack Giveaway Challenge. Your group will rally to put together low-perishable snack bags that will be distributed to people in need, such as the homeless or local soup kitchens. You could be the answer to someone’s question of where your next meal will come from? Help those in need while building camaraderie with your team and the heartwarming feeling of having contributed to someone’s well-being.