Culinary team building is in high demand and Betty Robinson, owner of Philly Hops, was an innovator in the art. One of the first to offer the unique service, she has announced the firm’s lineup of food-focused team building programs for Spring, 2013. “Our programs are designed and conducted by an impressive group of credentialed, professional chefs,” said Robinson. “Participants are amazed at the gourmet food they’ve created when they’re done.

Team Building Activity in Philadelphia

Robinson is uniquely qualified to operate such an array of food-oriented fun and learning exercises. A professional chef of 20 years to high-end dining establishments in the U.S., she specialized in French cuisine. She later launched her own catering and event planning business, before combining her culinary skills with team building programs. She has a background in leadership and advanced degrees in Organizational Development. Philly Hops offers programs that include Chocolate Therapy, Fiesta Challenge, Building Chocolate Bridges, Wine Maker’s Challenge and Cake Wars: Cake of the Future.

The Philly Hops programs focus on bonding and the imaginative powers of participants to take food and create something new from a variety of different elements. In each program, team members are definitely encouraged to play with their food. Programs can be customized to meet individual needs and requirements. Each team building exercise incorporates an extensive number of business and marketing-based tasks requiring cooperation, data evaluation and leadership skills. It’s said that laughter is the best medicine and Robinson’s programs include large dollops of humor and entertainment mixed with essential business-based learning exercises.

“People retain more of what they learn when emotion is engaged, ensuring 100 percent participation,” said Robinson. In Chocolate Therapy, each team is involved in a treasure hunt to locate and identify their own unique chocolate flavor. Members develop, market and create a one-minute commercial for a miracle “cure” that will revolutionize the world. Building Chocolate Bridges is a food lover’s favorite. Participants are divided into teams of mad scientists to create edible “magic compounds.” When “disaster” strikes, team members must build a bridge to rescue their compatriots. For those who want to spice up their game, the Fiesta Challenge is the perfect solution. The exercise utilizes salsa, guacamole and Sangria in a mouth-watering challenge to create a recipe for a snack masterpiece. The activity can be customized for philanthropic clients, allowing them to build creations that can be donated to children’s charities, complete with piñatas, maracas and Mexican wrestling masks.

In the Wine Maker’s Challenge, participants are charged with the task of creating a new wine and marketing it in the most humorous way possible. The program is specially designed to engage the creative and cognitive abilities of team members. Cake Wars is a grand endeavor that celebrates the future. Team members are asked to brainstorm new ideas and imagine the great accomplishments their company will accomplish in the coming years. Teams then decorate a cake to reflect the future they’ve envisioned. Philly Tops will soon be adding a Cheese It program to its repertoire of culinary creations featuring gourmet cheese from around the world. Team building exercises include launching an artisan micro-dairy and participating in some of the cheesiest games imaginable.

Visitors to the official website can obtain the free report, “9 Steps to Organizing a Successful Team Building Event”. The entertaining and engaging team building programs offered by Philly Tops has made the firm a leader in the industry. The highly successful programs encourage the development of leadership skills and unconventional thinking to achieve a common goal utilizing food-focused learning.

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