Here is a press release we posted today. It is pretty broad but we have more coming out soon that are more detailed.  The general idea is Philly Hops is proud to announce an ever-growing team building catalog to clients located in their hometown, Philadelphia, Pa. and beyond.  

Philly Hops has been in business for over 15-years and is a pioneer in creating distinctive experiential team building programs. They offer their clients proprietary programs that cater to the needs of businesses and are designed to not only have fun but also improve team skills. This brand of team building offers engaging, interactive events that inspire participants and promote cooperation and collaboration.

Philly Hops was one of the first companies to offer cooking team building programs. These include activities where teams cook their own meals ranging from tapas mixers to gourmet banquets where teams then sit down together to enjoy the “fruit of their labor”. A few other specialty programs Philly Hops has created include programs called Chocolate Therapy, The Wine Maker’s Challenge and a philanthropic food sculpture activity named “The Giving Tree”. All of these fun workshops not only engage groups but also allow teams to explore and improve their team process.

Betty Robinson, a professional chef in a former life, has created 12 and counting unique “foodie” team building programs. Philly Hops also offers experiential team building programs in combination with full-blown leadership development workshops done either together or separately. To learn more about Philly Hops, the local Philadelphia training program provider, head over to: