Team Building Holiday Program


Take your group back to the swinging 1930s and create Prohibition era cocktails!

Speakeasies, Jazz-Age, Bootlegging! This wonderful historic period is filled with Americana to inspire teamwork and hone creative skills. Teams will perform a number of fun activities, experiment and create period cocktails and engage in friendly competitions.

After a high-energy introduction, teams collaborate to concoct a team Signature drink — Prohibition-style. They will also create a story and illustrate it with an Art Deco poster. Humor, out-of-the-box thinking, and insights into teamwork will be the results of all these exercises.

Every team member will be immersed in this group experience. No matter what job they take they will have the opportunity to experience each other’s strengths and skills and have their chance to shine too.

This program is an excellent way to break down social barriers and promote leadership and team building.

Group Size: 8-300 people
Room Requirements: A room with a table for each team, a few extra utility tables, and an empty area for team to do their presentations