A refreshing new culinary team building game! Your group creates exciting sangria recipes in this mix of cooperation and healthy competition!

Team Building Sangria Fiesta Challenge in NYCSangria Fiesta Challenge


In this refreshingly creative team building program, it’s all about working together using collaboration to create the perfect Sangria! After some fun, high-energy warm-ups, teams will shop at our Sangria Market Place to choose their “special” package of ingredients. They will then have time to barter and trade other teams to secure as many of their favorite items as they can. Then the blending begins.


Teams create their own Signature Sangria recipes. This involves a lot of consensus building and communication. The goal is to concoct a great-tasting beverage that the judges will love.


Teams also immerse themselves in defining their own Fiesta Brand including a logo and a label plus a sales pitch or jingle for their wine drink. This brings the entire group together for an exciting climax. Judges consider Top Tasting Sangria and there will be plenty of kudos to go around! Is your group ready for this deliciously memorable Sangria Challenge? A fun team experience for everyone.