Team Building Activities in Washington DC Team Building Game Styles Infographic

Which Team Building Events “Move” You?

Join together and make a great team event!
That’s the point of our new team building infographic. With six very popular and effective team building game styles and experiences, you can customize the perfect combination for your group’s needs.

In our team building circle we have:
  1. TASTE! (team games that involve culinary exploration…..everyone bonds over food!) Examples: Chocolate Therapy, Winemaker’s Challenge
  2. CREATE! (bringing out the innovation in everyone…-.producing results from imagination) Examples: Viral Video Makers, I-Phone Movie Making
  3. PLAY! (through simulations and games, inspiring the best in team dynamics) Examples: Slot Car Racing, PathQuest Adventure Game
  4. DO IT! (get out and get involved in the world) Examples: Philanthropic Team Building, Biz-Lympics
  5. COOK! (collaborations in the kitchen) Examples: Chili Cook-Off, Fiesta Challenge
  6. EXPLORE! (experiences of discovery that teams can share) Examples: Anything Goes Treasure Hunt, League of Superspies
Some of the many Team Building Activities in these categories