Team Building Events in New YorkTeam Building – Stand By For Action!

If you think about it, a team is comprised of active-only members.

After all, if someone isn’t active, they aren’t actually on the team, are they?

Defining a team as a group where each member is a contributing element, we know we can strive for better and more efefctive full participation activities. There are many approaches to this.

Here Are Four Team Building Actions

1. Mandate Some team exercises completely mandate full participation from every member at the outset. This can be a risky approach, as it may leave open the possibility of negative reactions and rehavior by some who feel ‘controlled’ or not respected.

2. Incentivized This approach does not mandate participation, but strongly encourages it through the design of the program. The chance of bench-warmers may still exist, however. Depending on the cleverness of the program design, however, this may be minimized.

3. Secretly Incentivized A very clever design will encourage participation without making the incentives obvious. In this way, the process to encourage is invisible and works organically within the structure of the exercise.

4. Learning Curve A program may be designed to allow team members to make their own decisions regarding their level of participation or not. In this way, the program is ‘neutral’ but the results/rewards of the exercise will prove the benefits of participation (and the downside otherwise) upon exercise completion. In this way, teams can learn by doing.

This technique can be great for a team activity where several ’rounds’ are played, so that teams can improve their participation with each round. Regardless of the program style, achieving full participation can create a much more beneficial and rewarding team building experience.