Team Building Holiday ProgramGo for the Gold at our Sushi Madness TEAM BUILDING Contest!

Sushi Madness Team Building Program!  It’s a fast-paced and creative hors d’oeuvre making session where your team will learn the ancient art of Nori Maki.

Get it rolling with your own custom sushi snacks! Coached by a Professional chef, your teams will soon be slapping and rolling these hand-shaped beauties like it was an Olympic Competition.

Teams will be perfecting their signature Nori Maki! There’s a Twist, of course: Your sushi will be created without fish, but with other surprisingly delicious ingredients!Judges will award “bragging rights” for categories such as creativity, neatness, speed-rolling and how ‘kawaii’ your rolls are! 

Also included are:

  • Hilarious Haiku Contest! (teams write inspirational and amusing poems about their mission)
  • Speed Origami! (the art of paper folding takes a high-speed twist)
  • Let’s Save Tokyo! Giant Monster Challenge! (teams invent their own Godzilla that represents their philosophy)
  • Krazy Karaoke! (sing about your team in a silly made-up song!)
The entire program, including the add-ons, can be customized to align with your group’s exact needs and personality.

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Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 6 – 300
Program Length: 2 hours approximately
Location: This program is extremely flexible and can be done in virtually any conference room or meeting space