Team Building Cooking Program4 Important Benefits of Team Building

Here is an additional article we wrote about the benefits of team building activities. The article also discusses the use of quotes to support team building benefits.

THE PHRASE TEAM BUILDING implies individual activities and programs that are undertaken to enhance the levels of group productivity and improve cohesiveness among team members. Team building activities are important for improving the overall performance of the team. The following are some of the clear benefits of team building activities:

• Team building activities help in improving productivity and morale levels of employees.

• Team building activities enhance the creativity of team members

• Team building activities educate the group members about the techniques of handling conflict.

• Team members can improve their communication skills with the help of team building activities.

In management literature, team building is an extensively discussed topic. Management gurus place importance on working together as a team through team building quotes related to work. The late Mr. Stephen R. Covey, a respected teacher and organizational consultant on leadership and team building, believed that teamwork was highly essential in attaining organizational objectives.

In his popular book, ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ he emphasizes how important team building is and writes, Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success”.

Peter Drucker was a well known American author who contributed the written constitution for performing the management functions of an organization. He believed that team building was the everyday fact and reality of an organizational set up. However, he also believed in the concept that every team is different and possesses a varied constraint within which it should perform. This fact comes to fore through his following lines: “Teams, in other words, are tools. As such, each team design has its own uses, its own characteristics, its own requirements, its own limitations”.

The most vital aspect of team building is motivation. A number of strategies are used by team leaders to ensure that their team members remain highly enthusiastic. Team leaders also use team building quotes in order to motivate their team members. Motivating quotes can also be pinned on pin-board in a meeting room. If the quotes are put up on glossy papers they would immediately attract attention and the quotes will be read repeatedly. Thus, pin-board strategy is effective as a motivation tool for members of a team.